Acupressure for natural pain relief in labour workshop

  • Easy to use, safe, effective and non-invasive.
  • Does not require previous anatomy or medical knowledge
  • Able to help promote a natural labour
  • Able to help reduce pain and discomfort in labour
  • Able to help encourage close partner involvement
  • Delivered by a qualified and registered acupuncturist
  • Can be used by the birthing partners and midwives.
  • 1 hr long and in a casual and comfortable learning environment

This workshop is designed for couples who are approaching their labour and wish to have a safe, effective and easily accessible tool.

It is suggested that this workshop is best undertaken around 36-37 weeks so the couples or midwife can become familiar with the points used.

Classes are located at Your Health Hub, Yoga Room Level 2.

Individual sessions can be arranged if class times do not suit.