Healthy Ageing

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At Your Health Hub, we believe that age and wisdom should be valued. It has never been more important to involve our older generations into our lives. Whether this is through allowing them to play a part in our children’s lives, volunteering in our communities, or by simply sharing their knowledge, elderly citizens will surely add the highly needed wisdom and warmth into our communities.

We currently see many senior clients with general psychological disorders and social issues. Additionally, we provide them with programs and activities that allow them to socialise and share their experience with the rest of the community.

Other services specific to this population

  • Independence
  • Exercise Programs
  • Healthy Ageing Program
  • Developing Social Connections
  • Age-Related Illnesses
  • Grief Related to Loss of Spouse
  • Enhancing Relationships with Family Members

If you would like more information about any of the services or upcoming events and social groups, feel free to contact our administration team.