Sam Leitch


Sam completed his Podiatry studies at the University of Western Sydney in 2002, returning to Tasmania in 2003. 

With a lifelong involvement in athletics, Sam has a particular interest in lower limb musculoskeletal injury prevention and management.

He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (University of Otago) and Master of Sports Medicine (University of Melbourne), where his research focused on the management of Achilles tendinopathy. 

 The importance of continuing education is something that Sam values highly, with a background in the co-ordination of academic content for national and state conferences.

He also has a diverse background, including involvement in the prevention and management of foot ulceration, where he has worked within the multidisciplinary teams of the Tasmanian Health Service.

Sam maintains his interest in research, but has shifted his focus to clinical practice, where he deals with all foot health issues.