Free spikey massage ball with each newv physio assessment booked this month

Free spikey massage ball with each newv physio assessment booked at Your Health Hub this month

Tasmanian tradies need to look after the most valuable part of their toolkit – their health!

The Australian Physiotherapy Association announces Tradies National Health Month for August 2018                                              

This August during Tradies National Health Month Tasnanian physiotherapists are calling on tradies to take care of their most valuable asset – their health.

It comes as Aussie tradies continue to have some of the poorest health and injury outcomes compared to other workers.

According to the latest Safe Work Australia statistics*, our tradies make up less than one third (30 per cent) of the Australian workforce yet account for almost three in five (58 per cent) serious workplace injuries.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) campaign aims to engage and empower tradies to maintain their health and wellbeing, and seek preventive treatment before small ‘niggles’ become more serious chronic injuries.

Most tradies assume a few aches and pains are part and parcel of their demanding physical work, but few seek regular preventive health checks which can significantly reduce common musculoskeletal conditions, including muscle/tendon injuries, knee, shoulder and back pain.

Your Health Hub – APA physiotherapist Rebekah Wilcher says it is important to remind tradies that their health and safety is a priority, and that their bodies are their most important tool.

“This Tradies National Health Month, we’re reminding tradies to look after all aspects of their health and wellbeing,” Rebekah said. “We want tradies, their families and employers to be proactive about managing and preventing a range of common injuries and health conditions. Physically demanding trade jobs can exacerbate conditions like heart disease and diabetes, but with the strong evidence-based treatments that physiotherapists employ, tradies can maintain their health and continue doing what they do best.”

This August when you book a new assessment with our Physiotherapy Team and  Mention Tradies Health Month you will receive a free spikey massage ball to keep your body feeling good at home!

This offer is limited to the month of August only so book now on 6122 0150 and start taking steps to look after your best asset!


* Safe Work Australia 2015-16 National Data Set for Compensation-based Statistics


For more information about how Physiotherapy can help keep tradies in top condition visit www.choose.physio/fortradies or contact:

Rebekah Wilcher – Physiotherapist – Email: reception@yourhealthhub.com.au / Phone: 03 6122 1050


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