With over 1.2 million Australians affected by osteoporosis, it’s easy to see why looking after bone health is important as you age.

Osteoporosis occurs when bones lose minerals, such as calcium, more quickly than the body can replace them, causing a loss of bone thickness (bone density).

Regular physical activity and exercise play an important role in maintaining healthy bones.

Exercise is recognised as one of the most effective lifestyle strategies to help make bones as strong as possible, reducing the risk of fractures later in life. As well as improving or maintaining bone density, exercise increases the size strength and capacity of muscles.

Exercise must be regular and ongoing to have a proper benefit.

Best Exercises for Osteoporosis

  • Weight-bearing exercise (exercise done while on your feet so you bear your own weight). For example: jogging, skipping, basketball / netball, tennis, dancing, impact aerobics, stair walking
  • Progressive resistance training (becomes more challenging over time). For example: lifting weights – hand / ankle weights or gym equipment

The ability of an exercise to build bone (osteogenic capacity) depends on the specific way that stress is applied to the bone during the exercise.

Certain exercises like walking, swimming and cycling may be good for general health but have little benefit to bone health.

build your bones class at your health hub

Build your bones class at Your Health Hub

Build Your Bones Class

At Your Health Hub, our Build Your Bones class is designed to help improve bone density, muscular strength, coordination, and balance.

Exercises and movements in this class are designed to assist in the maintenance of your quality of life and help reduce risks associated with low bone density and falls.

This class is suitable for individuals who; have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, those who are at risk of, and/or want to prevent developing low bone density and those who have a lack of confidence on their feet.

This class consists of free weight exercises, bodyweight exercises, balancing and impact exercises.

build your bones class at your health hub

Our Exercise Physiologist Courtney has a specific interest in prescribing exercise for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis

Before You Exercise

It is important to talk to your GP and get advice from an Exercise Physiologist before starting a new exercise regime.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Courtney Dowling has a specific interest in prescribing exercise for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis, and will work alongside your GP to ensure exercise prescription is safe and effective.

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