Meat-free Mondays/Flexitarian

You may have heard of vegetarian, vegan or even pescatarian, but what is flexitarian?

A flexitarian diet is essentially a flexible vegetarian diet. This means that on a usual basis plant-based meals are eaten but meat and animal products are eaten on occasion or infrequently.

A flexitarian diet can be useful to try if you would like to cut back on meat but don’t want to give it up.

Here are a few things to consider before going flexitarian

  • Producing meat takes an incredible amount of energy & resources and can leave a big footprint on our environment, especially in the amounts that we produce it. Eating less meat-based meals or even reducing the portion of meat on your plate will help your health and the planet.
  • Animal products and meat contain important nutrients that need to be substituted correctly if you are taking them out. It is important to remember that by reducing meat and animal products, you may also be reducing certain nutrients in your diet, such as iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12. The negative impact of this depends on any existing health conditions and which foods you plan to reduce in your diet. If you want to drastically reduce your meat/dairy intake, consider seeing a dietitian to discuss important nutrients and how to replace them.

So where you could you start? Try a meat-free meal this week?

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