For millions of women around the world, ‘that time of the month’ can signal physical and emotional mayhem as they experience the pain and discomfort commonly associated with a menstrual disorder.

From fatigue to headaches and migraines, PMS to painful cramps and bloating, the impact of menstruation on your body can be extremely disturbing.

But are these health concerns signs of what is going on in the body as we go through our regular cycle of fertility, or are they symptoms of a nutritional deficiency that we may be able to curb with food or supplements?

Good nutrition can play a strong part in relieving these symptoms. More specifically, there are a few key foods females should be eating on a regular basis to ensure that they are feeling as healthy as they possibly can during their cycle.

Milly Smith, one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians, and spokesperson of the Dietitians Association of Australia was featured in ‘What to eat when you’ve got your period’ article by SBS.

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