I’ve been at Your Health Hub for 3 years, using a diversity of health professionals at the Hub. These include osteopathy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, dietitians, acupuncturist and a medical practitioner.

I’ve vastly improved my health and I’ve lost 5 kilos because of Hub’s dietitian and sport physiologists.

As a teacher, the instruction of the classes has been excellent. Moreover, I’ve also found their health practitioners, receptionists, practice support team and clients to be friendly and helpful. It is a very supportive environment. It’s fabulous that so many professionals are in the same building and also can look at each other’s notes so the communications amongst practitioners have also been particularly beneficial.


The services are top class. My personal experience of the exercise physiology has made a huge difference to my later in life wellbeing. The staff are university qualified and really “know their stuff.” They run classes and personal training. A very professional, friendly organisation who are clearly passionate about their mission.
So many coordinated health services with doctor, nurses and other allied professionals.
Highly recommended!


I have been at the Bellerive Health Hub for the last two and half months. What a wonderful place! From the minute you walk in the door you feel welcome and supported. All the staff are so caring, friendly and engaged. Everyone is amazing and they offer such a great range of services. It is such a positive, inspiring place. I would highly recommend the Bellerive Quay Health Hub.


When I joined Your Health Hub I had been on a waiting list for Bariatric surgery for almost a year and had given up hope on most methods of weight loss.

But after signing up and meeting the team I felt so supported that I was willing to try. In 6 months I lost 40kg and have my life back.

The thing I appreciate most is it’s not like a boot camp and it’s not just mindless encouragement, everything is grounded and easy to understand, the staff is friendly and understanding and they take your concerns seriously. Just after I started I injured my leg.

They supported me through the recovery, gave me other methods to try in the mean time and also looked after my mental health. I came out the other end with such a positive outlook I could never go back to my old ways.


How do I put into words what the Health Hub has done for me.

I have been seeing Lisa on and off for many years due to many chronic conditions, around 6 weeks ago I had an appointment with Lisa and told her how I felt like I was at the end of the road with medical journey I had just about exhausted all my options or should I say that was what I was thinking. At that meeting I was given the opportunity to be the guinea pig for a new wellness program, I thought what do I have to lose I was almost ready to give up.

The wellness program has been a life changer I used to suffer daily migraines and was on so many medications to keep the migraines away but since I have been on this program having weekly physio sessions on my neck and back and working with the exercise physiologist I have reduced the amount of migraines I get to maybe one a month or sometimes none.

I also have multiple other chronic conditions which we are treating with a whole new approach. The change I have seen in myself is great I feel like after 15 years of chronic conditions that I may finally be on the right track. I am so thankful to everyone that is part of my team I cannot ever say thank you enough.


Cannot recommend highly enough. 

The whole team are fantastic. Laser therapy helped my shoulder bursitis, along with physio. Best physio experience I’ve ever had. Great results in short amount of time.

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