Injectable Wrinkle Treatment

 Injectable wrinkle treatment (muscle relaxing, MR) are injected into the facial muscles to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Some of the issues commonly addressed using this technique are forehead, frown lines, laugh lines and crows feet.

MR injectables require five to ten injections per area with a very fine needle, local anaesthetic cream is not required, although a mild discomfort may be experienced.

It takes an average of five days for the MR injectables to take effect, and you are encouraged to move the muscles in the treated area during the first few hours after the treatment. This will increase the action and onset of the injectables.

The effect will last a minimum of three months, but can last up to 12 months. Makeup can be applied after treatment. Bruising may develop but will subside.

Other side effects are very rare.

One of the unique differences at Quay Aesthetics is that Lisa SprouleNurse Practitioner – is the prescriber and injector for the injectables .

In many other aesthetic centres, you will find the Nurse Injector (Registered Nurse) will call a Doctor to obtain a prescription for your injections whilst you are in the consultation.

The degree of personalisation is minimal in this model and dependent on many variables.

Having the clinician complete the full treatment plan from assessment of your needs designing a plan of treatment – with your special needs taken into account then prescribe and attend to injectable treatment delivers a very different patient journey.

This ensures that at every consultation – the prescriber will discuss, assess and complete your injectable treatments.

Also, follow up care and treatment is consistant.

As the clinic is private and personalised we are also able to to take more time during the procedure.

Creating a warm, relaxed and safe space is something we pride ourselves on, so if you have been thinking about coming for a treatment but are a little apprehensive about the process, please note we will do our absolute best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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