Health & Wellness Coaching

What Is Wellness Coaching?

There are many varied definitions of Wellness.

Wellness can best be described as being the “best we can be” across the six spectrums of wellness and health. These spectrums are emotional, physical, occupational, spiritual, social and intellectual health. Achieving this balance can sometimes be difficult in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

This is where coaching can help.

Coaching, How Does it Work?

Coaching is facilitating behavior change.

Have you ever wondered why there is a gap between what we say we want and what we actually do?

“If nothing changes, nothing changes”

Inside all of us is the potential to achieve optimum health. Believing in yourself and tapping in to that potential, is sometimes difficult. Your Coach walks the path to change with you.

Coaching combines the theory from coaching psychology, behaviour change and positive psychology. It uses a step by step structured approach. The coaching relationship can facilitate our path to your “best self”.

Coaching is not therapy, or counselling!

What other people have said about their coaching experience.

“Since starting the coaching my life has changed for the better. I feel that coaching process was able to break down my goals and I slowly achieved them. Coaching helped me put things in perspective and I got a lot out of the process “ – Louise

“It has given me a support network external from my friends and family, and has provided me with a voice of reason and made me accountable to my own goals. I feel clearer and have a better direction in my life. I also feel that I can achieve anything that I set my mind too. Just need to be mindful of breaking it down into smaller tasks.” – Travis

“I had the desire to improve but I didn’t know how. I now live my life clearly defined by my values, and redirect my path when it doesn’t align. I also now have a job which clearly aligns with my values, and have positive relationships knowing who I am as a person and having the confidence knowing that.” – Bek

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