How can a Podiatrist help you?

We all know that Podiatrists are foot experts, who make you walk in uncomfortable shoes right?  But did you know they can really help you with a range of issues you may be experiencing with your feet, ankles and lower limbs; including sporting injuries, arthritis and infections. Podiatrists are experts at diagnosing and treating any issues that you may be experiencing with this area of your body. Whether it is related to bones and joints, muscles, circulation or even nerve problems. They can also help with skin and nail issues that you wish would go away. Like corns, calluses and ingrown toenails (no you do not have to just suffer in silence!)

What to expect when you visit a Podiatrist

You will have a consultation to investigate your medical and surgical history, footwear, lifestyle, and diagnostic measures.  You will then have a physical examination such as gait analysis to view your posture and how you move your body.This information is used to identify your specific needs and design a treatment plan for you.

What type of therapies are used by a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists have a range of therapies available for them to use depending on your needs.  These include medication, wound dressings, exercises, footwear suggestions or prescription of foot orthoses to help improve lower limb function.

What problems can a Podiatrist treat?


Podiatrist treat problems such as tendon pain, ankle instability or knee pain. A management plan is designed just for you.

Are you considering seeing a Podiatrist?

If you are considering seeing a Podiatrist in Hobart, here are a few reasons why you should schedule an appointment.

  • If you have foot pain, the Podiatrist will help you discover the source of the issue so that it can be treated.  For example, if you have an ingrown toenail infection some people try ignoring it, hoping it will go away.  When the Podiatrist can simply remove a sliver of the nail at the corner so that your toe can heal.
  • Improving foot function is also an area where Podiatrists can help.  The use of exercises, identifying shoes to suit your needs and sometimes the prescription of foot orthoses (premade or custom) can help to improve the function of your feet.

If you are experiencing foot and ankle problems it’s pretty likely that a Podiatrist can make a big difference in your life.For more information about Sam Leitch, Podiatrist at Your Health Hub click here.For more information about Podiatry and foot health visit the Australian Podiatry Association website.

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