Exercise for Cancer Class

Exercise for Cancer

The Exercise for Cancer class is designed for those pre, during and post cancer treatment. It is a small group class with individualised exercise programs aimed at your specific needs, goals and limitations.

Programs can be modified between sessions depending on treatment and symptoms experienced.

This class offers a social element whereby clients going through similar experiences can relate and encourage each other whilst undertaking both their treatment and exercises.

Why Exercise for Cancer?

Recently, the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) have recognised exercise as an integral part of standard care in cancer care and for it to be viewed as an adjunct therapy when it comes to counteracting the adverse side affects of cancer and its treatment.

Exercise Is A Great Medicine To Help Cope With Side Effects Of Cancer

Exercise has many general benefits for your physical and mental health that are widely documented. However, when it comes to cancer treatment related side effects, exercise can be one of the best medicines for helping people cope with many of these side effects.

***Prior to attending the class, you need to book in for a 1-1 assessment with our exercise physiologist to discuss a detailed medical history and have your own individual program developed.