Build your powerhouse

Build Your Powerhouse sessions

Are strength and conditioning sessions for tweens and teens. The exercises are pilates-inspired with a focus on our powerhouse muscles – core, gluteals and scapula stabilisers.

Sessions are supervised by a physiotherapist. 

Each participant has an individual program to work on based on needs, sports or other activities.

Groups are capped at 6 participants.

Each session commences with a warm up, then individual exercises followed by a group activity that could include stretches, strengthening and balance work.

These are great for kids who are involved in sports, but also for the non-sporty kid who needs to get moving and stronger.

The session is 45 minutes long which includes warm-up, exercises on our Pilate equipments and group activities.

$15 per session, some private health insurance rebate may apply.

Contact reception now to secure your spot.