*updated: Remedial Massage will now be offered under Quay Day Spa. Please phone 6122 0155 to book or book online on Quay Day Spa website.

Remedial Massage Restrictions Lifted Within Medical & Healthcare Environment

We are happy to announce that our Remedial Massage Therapists, as part of the complementary therapies services for Your Health Hub, are now able to resume practice in alignment with the latest COVID-19 Update!

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Our Remedial Massage

Pain or restricted movement can drastically reduce our quality of life. Old injuries, accidents, repetitive movements and tension from everyday stresses can readily take up residence in our bodies.

Massage can help. Massage can relieve pain, restore range of movement and help heal certain conditions. By relieving stress it can energise us and renew our vigour.

All patients are formally assessed on their first visit in relation to medical history and known issues.

Where massage is deemed appropriate for the individual, as practised at this Clinic it is part of an integrated approach to a person’s treatment and well-being.

It is an effective therapy for releasing restriction in muscles and joints, and is very beneficial in draining excess fluid from the tissues resulting from such events as injury, surgery or pregnancy among others.

At the Hub, we draw on knowledge of Remedial, Lymphatic Drainage and other modes to tailor therapy to the individual’s unique physical and emotional context.

Many first time patients are surprised at how powerful a treatment massage can be while others have made massage an indispensable part of their monthly routines, appreciating the profound benefits it can bring to one’s general well-being.

Welcome Our New Remedial Massage Therapist Jiashen (Jason)

Jiashen (Jason) Gao, Remedial Massage Therapist at Your Health Hub

Jiashen (Jason) Gao, Remedial Massage Therapist at Your Health Hub

Jason has been a massage therapist for the past 8 years and is experienced in Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Acupressure Massage, Chinese Tuina Massage and Reflexology.

Jason began his massage career in 2012 as an apprentice in a Chinese Massage Shop where he learnt Chinese Tuina techniques (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage and Body Work) and reflexology.

Later in 2016 Jason completed a Certificate 4 in massage and went on to achieve Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy at Southern Cross Education Institute in Melbourne.

Jason is a registered professional member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MMA) and has a provider number for most health funds.

30-Minute Pain Relief Massage for $50

To celebrate this news, we are offering our very popular $50 – 30-minute pain relief special to clients!

We also have our regular 60-minute Remedial Massage appointments available for $90.

This offer is also available with Katie and Bethany.

Can I claim this on my private health?

Due to customer feedback, we have gone ahead and applied for health fund provider numbers for the remedial masseurs.

Therefore you will be able to claim your rebates, just not on the day of the appointment. Provider numbers can take a number of weeks to arrive but when they do you can claim your rebate back. So after your treatment, we will print you a copy of the receipt, that you can take to your fund!

How do I book?

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