Nurse Practitioners: Writing Our Own Stories – Helping you with yours…

In 2020, the ACNP has developed a campaign for this special week called “Nurse Practitioners: Writing Our Own Stories – Helping you with yours…”

Nurse Practitioner Week is one of the biggest weeks in the calendar of NP’s and will run from the 07 December until the 13 December 2020.

The road to becoming a NP is extensive, often unique and viewed as a privilege by Nurse Practitioners.

Each Nurse Practitioner has a different story, and with NP’s practising in Australia for over 20 years now, Nurse Practitioners are having to write their own stories, pave their own way, so that all patients and future generations can have access to quality health care.

Meet 2 of our Nurse Practitioners at Your Health Hub

Lisa Sproule


Lisa Sproule is Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years experience in both the Private and Public Health sectors in Tasmania and Interstate.

Her greatest passion has always been delivering excellence in patient care and maintaining the dignity of life. The importance of teamwork and passion towards all that I do underpins her work ethic, along with never accepting the word “no” when it comes to providing better healthcare outcomes for her patients.

Her Nurse Practitioner role evolved after graduation from her Master’s degree whilst she was working in General Practice. She found herself more and more holistically caring for her patients rather than just reactively managing a disease, injury or ailment.

It became very clear that a team approach to patient care was essential for good outcomes and that the fragmentation of health care services and a lack of communication between providers was leaving patients in a state of bewilderment and confusion.

Lisa had a vision and began developing Your Health Hub to provide a seamless one-stop Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Service. A service that made it easy for patients and Medical Specialists to access the care and assistance needed in a complete and comprehensive service.

This marriage between Conventional Medicine and Complementary Medicine recognised there is no one perfect fit for every patient and that health care programs must be designed to meet the individual’s needs.

Lisa is a Managing Director, Nurse Practitioner, and Weight Loss Coach at Your Health Hub. She is also a Nurse Injector at Quay Aesthetics.

Michelle Woods

Michelle Woods Nurse Practitioner

Michelle’s expertise as a NP started in the United States working in General Medicine and Endocrinology practices. She has been certified both in the USA and Australia as a Diabetes Educator and she is currently practicing at the Royal Hobart Hospital Diabetes Centre, with a focus on the clinical management of complex care issues.

Back in the United States, she was amazed by how the NP role was able to provide holistic nursing care within the medical domain, so she decided to become one herself.

NPs scope of practice in the United States is broadly determined across a lifespan. Michelle’s scope of practice in Tasmania in Endocrinology was based on the Department of Health Tasmanian health service need, namely diabetes management. Nevertheless, she has continued her Primary Care focus by also practicing in primary health.

Her clinical background is a NP is in Adult/Geriatric Health, and Nursing in Cardiac and Emergency.

Michelle’s Diabetes NP role allows her to provide a clinical service to reduce the progression of diabetes-related complications, address service gaps (such as poor access to speciality services) and aid patients in overcoming multiple barriers in living with a life-altering diagnosis.

Michelle hopes that our innovative and disruptive NP role will be more recognised in Australia, thus improve the application of the role as an important team member in the care of patients, which will allow for more consistent and comprehensive care.


Your Health Hub would like to congratulate all Nurse Practitioners for their recognition this week.