Age Care Clinic

We work very closely with your GP. Your GP will receive a full medical report with the results of your assessment and a copy of the management plan. The collaboration between professionals is pivotal in providing you with a seamless service.


  • Cognitive testing (Memory assessments)
  • Brain health
  • Physical assessments
  • Chronic disease management
  • Lifestyle assessment / management
  • Dementia risk minimisation
  • Motivational counselling
  • Advanced care directives

Care and Treatment Options

During the follow up consultation, a personal management plan will be developed. Care and treatment options will be discussed with the person and their family and may include the following:

  1. Ongoing management and support for early stage dementia that focuses on reducing factors associated with memory loss such as anxiety, stress, depression, motivation and self esteem and assists in the development of skills to overcome memory difficulties.
  2. Further consultation with our collaborative Specialist Geriatrician and General Practitioners for monitoring and further assessment as required.
  3. Family Support – Caring for a loved one with dementia is often stressful. We can help with individual consultations, education and support programs.
  4. Treatment for depression and/or anxiety are identified during the assessment, specific treatment options can be discussed.
  5. Education and support programs for families – specifically for family members, education programs can assist in understanding dementia, managing behaviours associated with dementia and improving coping skills.


We undertake a comprehensive assessment to determine the extent of mental health and cognitive impairment and identify any associated health issues.

The assessment is carried out over 3-5 consultations.

The initial consultation consists of a physical assessment and history taking, with additional diagnostic tests ordered as required. The following consultations will involve a thorough cognitive assessment. The results of all tests will be assessed and reviewed with the patient and family/carer, a diagnosis determined and future management plan devised.

Referrals to other Specialist Services

As a part of the assessment, your Nurse Practitioner may make referrals to other Specialist Services.

We will initiate any referrals required.

Are you concerned about noticeable changes in your memory or someone in your family?

Some people may notice mild slowing in their memory and thinking as they get older. This is normal. If the changes are becoming progressively more obvious and are beginning to impact upon everyday life, an assessment is recommended.

Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for effective management and may prevent deterioration.

What’s next?

Referral to a healthy ageing program can be by self referral or through your General Practitioner.

There is a small out of pocket expense per consultation.

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