With spring well and truly here, it’s a good time to start thinking about spring footwear!

Are your thongs giving you enough support?

One of the main issues we all have is finding something that is good for our feet, which we can wear during the warmer periods. Most thongs are flat and offer no support, which can lead to stress and strain on the feet. Suddenly, we experience foot pain during the times we want to be enjoying the summer weather.

If I can’t wear thongs then what can I wear???   Well… how about Archies Support Thongs!

What are Archies Support Thongs?

Archies support thongs have been designed by an Australian Physiotherapist and have been designed to address those poor features we get from a traditional flat thong.

Archies Thongs are stocked in over 800 of Australia’s leading Health Practitioners. Podiatrists, in particular, are finding that the thongs are perfect for their patients when they are not wearing their orthotics, the thongs give their patients a break from their shoes and some much-needed fresh air while still giving them substantial support.

Benefits of Archies Support Thongs

Legitimate Orthotic / Arch Support

Archies Thongs have inbuilt arch support, designed to help support your feet and improve your foot posture. Suitable for high and low arched foot types.

Two Levels of Arch Support

Every foot type is different, and rarely do we see one arch profile that is the same. Archies Thongs have the options of either Standard Arch Support or High Arch Support.

benefits of archies support thongs

The inbuilt arch support and the soft durable foam, provides a great feel under foot making them unbelievably comfortable. A perfect thong to wear to the beach, around the home and out walking.


Unlike a lot of arch support thongs, they are less cumbersome and heavy. The foam material in archies thongs makes them nice and light, so you have comfortable feet all day long.

Tighter Strap

This strap design reduces the risk of toe clawing, and enables you to walk more naturally.

How can I get one?

At Your Health Hub, we have a range of colours and sizes of Archies thongs at only $35 a pair!

Enquire our reception or phone 6122 0150 for more information.