What’s Stretch and Trigger Point Release class?

Have you heard about our Stretch and Trigger Point Release class that we offer at Your Health Hub?

It is a 30-minute class that is all about releasing those tight areas of the body.

stretch and trigger class at your health hub

Stretch and Trigger class at Your Health Hub led by one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists

How will it help me?

The class consists of static and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretches and using massage tools to self-release trigger points throughout the body ( a valuable skill that you can do at home too!).

Here is what one of our regulars John has to say about the class:

“Excellent, as usual. Learnt heaps of new stretches and use of the roller that I can use elsewhere. It is so good working under trained exercise scientists and exercise physiologists who devise and supervise programs.”

How to join Stretch and Trigger Point Release Class

Phone Your Health Hub on 6122 0150 to find out how you can join or visit https://www.yourhealthhub.com.au/programs-classes/ to find out more about any of the group exercise programs we offer at the hub.