Viruses v’s Bacteria

When do we use antibiotics?

Throughout the year we see lots of illness in the community.

But when do we need antibiotics?

It’s important to differentiate between illnesses that require treatment with antibiotics and those that do not. Avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics prevents the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria in our community. Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections. Viral illnesses cannot not be treated with antibiotics.

Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer

*In some cases, acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria, but even in these cases antibiotics still do not help.

At Your Health Hub, our General Practitioners are trained and experienced in diagnosing your illness, and prescribing the appropriate treatment.

When you’re unwell, an antibiotic may or may not be prescribed, but your General Practitioner can provide advice on how to relieve symptoms and feel better.