Tips for getting active with asthma

Asthma and exercise should go hand in hand!

Regular physical activity is great for people with asthma.

Tips for getting active with asthma

  1. Do a proper warm-up before exercising
  2. Get as fit as possible – the fitter you are, the more you can exercise before asthma symptoms start.
  3. Avoid exercising where there are high levels of pollens, dust, fumes or pollution.
  4. Exercise in a place that is warm and humid – avoid cold, dry air if possible
  5. Try to breathe through your nose (not your mouth) when you exercise – this makes the air warm and moist when it reaches your lungs.

Asthma symptoms after physical activity are common but can be prevented. The symptoms are usually worst 5 to 10 minutes after stopping exercise, not during the exercise. If exercise causes asthma symptoms, tell your doctor so you can get effective treatment.

Don’t let your asthma stop you or your child being physically active.

If you can, get involved in structured exercise training. People with asthma who participate in this sort of training feel better.

Swimming is popular for children with asthma, but doing other regular sports or activities is just as good.