Weight Loss Service

Weight problems have a big impact on health, confidence, relationships and well being and with results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey showing that 11.2 million Australians were overweight or obese in 2014-2015 – it is a growing problem.¹

Many people are trying to do something about losing weight and improving their health, but unfortunately, are often attracted to media-advertised diet plans that promise rapid weight loss with ‘miracle pills’, unusual foods or cutting out entire food groups.

These plans are not supervised by a Dietitian or Medical Practitioner, risk injuring the patient’s health, and fail to achieve success in the long-term.

At Your Health Hub, we specialise in weight management. Our weight loss team is dedicated to providing you with the support and inspiration you need to reach your goals and make life-long changes to your health and well-being. Take the first step and call Transformed today on 03 6122 0166.

Achieve Weight Loss Success at Your Health Hub

An appropriate weight loss plan must fulfil five basic requirements. It should:

  • Be tailored to the nutrition and health needs of the individual
  • Be suited to the lifestyle of the individual
  • Provide a varied diet, including all food groups (except in cases of food allergy and intolerance where expert guidance on avoiding any dietary deficits should be available)
  • Be focused on promoting a plan of physical activity that each individual finds rewarding, enjoyable and above all, able to commit to, long-term
  • Provide realistic & achievable changes to eating and exercise habits that can be sustained throughout life

Our weight loss program focuses on simple changes, step-by-step and includes:

  • Medical supervision from a Nurse Practitioner, to ensure safe and healthy weight loss
  • Advice and support on diet and nutrition from a Dietician and Nutritionist
  • A tailored exercise plan from Exercise Physiologists
  • Making lifestyle changes that will help you to look better, feel better and reduce your risk of chronic health problems in the future

We will teach you how to lose weight – and keep that weight off – for life!

To find out if the program is right for you, contact us to book in a FREE consultation with one of our coaches.

Participants can begin at any time and will have an individually designed plan to help them achieve safe and sustainable weight loss with our support, encouragement, one-on-one sessions and the use of our well-equipped gym.

Our aim is to help you get fit, toned and have more energy as you lose weight. You will learn simple ways to make healthy eating choices at home and when dining out.

Whether you need help losing weight due to a health reason such Diabetes or heart disease, before an elective surgery, pre- or post-bariatric surgery or perhaps because an upcoming wedding, holiday, or other special occasion has prompted you to take action, contact us now.

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