Why Calm Your Mind?

In this modern day and age, we are often bombarded with thoughts and worries, anything ranging from “what am I going to make for tea?” to “what if I fail that interview?”.

The idea is to plan for things/worries that are in our control and let go of worries that are out of our control.

Below are 5 tips on how we can create a calm space in our mind when we have a million worries floating around in our head trying to get our attention.

5 Tips for a Calm Mind

1. Set aside some time

Get out a piece of pen and paper, write down the worrisome thought  (What am I worrying about?) Is there something that I can do about the worry now?

2. If the answer is yes

Then do it now or plan for when you would do it (be very detailed with your plan: when, where, how?)

3. If the answer is no

I can’t do anything about it now or it’s not under my control: try to let the worry go by distracting the mind and focusing on something else.

We can use imagery (think of a happy memory, what were you doing then, who were you with) or throw your full attention into what you are doing at the moment.

4. If you fail to distract yourself

Or the worry is lingering on for hours still, consider whether it is an important worry that needs to be addressed sooner.

5. Once you have a strategy (plan for it or let go) in writing for each worry

Put that piece of paper somewhere within reach and refer to it every time the same worry pops up again.

Once you are in the habit of making worries “constructive” instead of “destructive” then you will be able to create a more functional and calm head space for yourself.

Good luck 🙂

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Elaine Yeoh Clinical Psychologist

If you or anyone you know have a problem calming your mind, don’t be afraid to reach out.

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