Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is a common chronic disease in Australia, with over 1 million Australian adults diagnosed with it.

Diabetes affects our ability to use carbohydrates from foods and can have some serious health impacts.


Here are some tips to reduce your risk of type-2 diabetes:

  • Eat a range of whole fruits, vegetables and wholegrains; they give your body important nutrients and fibre
  • Avoid large amounts of sweetened drinks like soft drink and fruit juice
  • Aim to exercise regularly; experiment with different types of physical activity to find one you enjoy!


Already managing type-2 diabetes?

These risk reduction strategies still apply!

Additionally, focus on low GI foods that will avoid large spikes in blood sugar levels.

For more information about type-2 diabetes, come and speak to one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians at Your Health Hub.

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