Choosing breakfast can be difficult with so many different cereals, mueslis, breakfast bars and smoothies to choose from. How do we pick the best options? And is pizza really better than cereal?

The short answer is maybe.

Recently, a dietitian from the US was in the spotlight for suggesting that pizza is a better breakfast choice than cereal. It is highly likely this was taken out of context!

Firstly, not all breakfast cereals are equal. There are lots of breakfast cereals available; many are high in sugar with little to no fibre.

However, there is a good range of fantastic cereals that manage to pack in the fibre (which helps us to feel full for longer) with a moderate to low sugar content.

Then, there are breakfast cereals in between with moderate levels of sugar and fibre.

Secondly, just like cereals, not all pizzas are equal! Store-bought and takeaway pizzas are often very high in saturated fat and salt. This, combined with a thick, doughy base made of highly processed flour is unlikely to be the best first choice of a morning. But there may be a way to have your pizza and eat it too and it involves good old homemade cooking. Every food has it’s place in our day but we have to be a bit selective.

So can we have pizza instead of cereal?

Ultimately, there is no one right choice to make; many foods can make a wholesome breakfast!

A good guide to picking your packaged breakfast items is aiming for less than 10 grams of sugar (not carbohydrate) and more than 8 grams of fibre in 100g of cereal or other breakfast items.

If you can find a cereal with nuts and seeds or add some greek yoghurt, you will also increase the protein of the meal making it even more filling.

How to have pizza for breakfast

And if you like the idea of pizza for breakfast once in a while, consider these tips:

  • make it yourself at home
  • use a thin wholemeal crust or wholegrain wrap as a base
  • pack it full of your favourite veggies (some ideas include capsicum, mushrooms, tomato, pumpkin, rocket, onion)
  • choose a lean meat such as chicken breast or eggs
  • go easy on the cheese
  • pay attention to your hunger of a morning and avoid large portions

Other breakfast alternatives

Here are some other great breakfast ideas:

  • porridge with berries and yoghurt or fruit and nuts
  • a simple banana smoothie made with banana, low fat milk, rolled oats, vanilla essence and cinnamon
  • veggie frittata muffins made with veggies, egg and herbs/spices
  • wholegrain toast with a filling toppings (avocado, eggs or banana and ricotta)