Dr Michelle Woods

Nurse Practitioner & Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Dr Michelle Woods NP completed her Doctorate and Master of Science Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) at the University of Colorado with an emphasis in adult primary health care. Her expertise as a NP started in the United States working in General Medicine and Endocrinology practices. She has been certified both in the USA and Australia as a Diabetes Educator and she has practised at the Royal Hobart Hospital Diabetes Centre for the past 9 years.  

As a NP, she conducts advanced assessments, clinical interventions in detection of underlying metabolic and physiological factors contributing to a “poorly controlled diabetes” and the prescribing and medication adjustments to help provide timely interventions. This includes injectable agents; initiation, titration and optimisation.

Michelle is accepting referrals for: patients living with type 1, 2 or gestation diabetes. With  an HbA1c%>8%, and/or micro/ macrovascular complications, liable blood glucose levels, post-acute complications diabetic emergency presentations; hypoglycaemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, and or diabetes distress.