Amanda Robertson

Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Level 3 (Advanced) Equipment Pilates
  • Level 2 (Advanced) Mat work Pilates

Role in the hub:

  • Provide Physiotherapy assessment and treatment for clients of the Hub
  • Provide exercise program prescription including pilates based exercises
  • Provide exercise supervision in our Rehabilitation gym and pilates studio.
  • Teach various classes including Mat & More, Tai Chi, Falls & Balance and Dancing with Parkinson’s.
  • Work with children through to older adults.

Special interest areas:

  • Functional training including pilates
  • Working with children & teens to improve movement, strength and flexibility.


  • Providing individualised programs and care to clients to help them achieve their best
  • Improving strength, posture, balance and pain control.
  • Utilising physiotherapy knowledge to ensure programs are safe, effective and appropriate to client needs
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