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Are You Unwell and Looking For a Doctors Appointment, But Unable to Find One Available?

Why Not See a Nurse Practitioner Instead?

Nurse Practitioners are highly skilled clinicians and are able to attend to almost all of the things you require from your GP.

Nurse Practitioners work alongside our own Practised General Practitioners and will also communicate back to your chosen GP regarding the outcome of your attendance.

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The Benefits of seeing a Nurse Practitioner

Patients across Australia see a Nurse Practitioner for a wide range of reasons including, acute or chronic injury or illness, health education and specialty health needs.

When you choose to see a NP, you gain access to a full range of health services including assessment, diagnosis and referrals for pathology, x-rays, other radiology, prescriptions for medicines, referrals, and support through education.

Visiting a Nurse Practitioner has been shown to improve patient outcomes, and boosts patient satisfaction due to the longer length of consultations, and the nursing focus on the whole person.

Why See A Nurse Practitioner?

The first Nurse Practitioner was endorsed in Australia in 2000. Nurse Practitioners (NP) provide vital health care in all states and territories across Australia, particularly in rural and remote locations, and are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses that have additional and extensive clinical experience in a specific area and are qualified at Masters level. NPs are able to provide comprehensive patient care in an extended clinical role to ensure the highest level of patient care in our medical system.

Nurse Practitioners are located throughout each state and territory in Australia.  There are approximately 1800 NPs across all specialities practicing in both private practice and public health services nationwide.

NPs provide care for everyone and all medical conditions including acute and chronic health conditions. NP’s work to provide a complete health service and may also provide services eligible for rebates through the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS).

Why do patients see a Nurse Practitioner?

  • Access to highly trained professional care
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved access to care, including specialist care
  • Fast tracking of access to appropriate medical professionals
  • Targeted care, predominantly in at-risk and remote communities
  • Ability to follow through with care and progress, enabling you to manage your own health more effectively
  • Individualised, tailored care, taking the time to fully understand your concerns
  • Outreach services including mental health clinics
  • Unique services developed based on community needs and gaps in health care

If you’re looking to experience the services of a highly educated nursing professional, then a Nurse Practitioner can help.

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To book an appointment with one of our Nurse Practitioners at Your Health Hub, please phone our reception at (03) 6122 0150.

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